Boxwood Japanese buddhist Nichiren Statue 5 1/4"

Nichiren (1222-1282) was the Japanese founder of Nichiren Buddhism.
. He went to Seicho-ji temple in his home province of Awa to study Buddhism in 1233.
Shortly after his tonsure at sixteen,
he took the name of Rencho and went to Kamakura, Kyoto and Nara,
the old centers of traditional Buddhism in Japan, for further studies,
where he mastered all the sutras and literature of Buddhism.
At the age of 31, Nichiren Shonin returned to Seichoji Temple.
On the morning of April 28, 1253, he faced the rising sun at the top of Mt. Kiyosumi
and chanted Namu Myoho Renge Kyo,
thus initiating his mission to spread the Wonderful Dharma.
He also gave himself the name he is known by today - Nichiren.
The name means "Sun Lotus," and refers to the light of the sun which dispels darkenss and
the purity of the lotus flower which blooms in swamps,
untouched by the dirty water around it.
Both images figure prominently in the Lotus Sutra -
these were the qualities that Nichiren Shonin wished to embody.
In 1279 he inscribed the Dai-Gohonzon as the fundamental object of respect
for the peace and happiness of all mankind. He died three years later.

size (app.) : H 5 1/4" x W 3" x D 6 1/2" / H 13.5 x W 11.5 x D 8cm
material : Boxwood
condition : all new



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